Field Technicians Wanted

NST is looking to hire 6 ACI certified technicians to work in Iowa, Indiana, and North Dakota for the next 4 to 6 months. The work will be for 40-60 hours a week with overtime being paid when working over 40 hours. The pay will be between $20-$25 per hour depending on the individual technician’s qualifications. Please contact us at if interested.

Three New Qualifications

NST has received three additional pre-qualifications and is now pre-qualified by IDOT in all of the following categories:
  • Geotechnical Service – General Geotechnical Services
  • Special Services – Construction Inspections
  • Special Services – Quality Assurance HMA & Aggregate
  • Special Services – Quality Assurance PCC & Aggregate
NST has achieved another milestone, kudos to our staff for their hard work and for exceeding the expectations of their clients.


New Branch in Union Grove, WI

After another successful and robust year, NST is expanding our business and have opened a branch in Union Grove, Wisconsin. We wish to thank our clients and friends for their continued support and loyalty which allows our business to thrive. Please visit our website for more information regarding our new office. Please join our email subscription to keep updated on all news regarding NST.

Second TV Winner!

Congratulations to Mr. Rob Bachkosky of Mackie Consultants, he is the winner of our second TV giveaway. Please subscribe to our website to be informed of future giveaways and other important information regarding NST.Second TV Winner

Due to the increasing demand for asphalt and concrete coring, NST has acquired a new state of the art coring machine. This machine can be transported and setup easily at project sites and will get the job done more efficiently while being more cost-effective for our clients. This machine has its own engine and requires less manual labor to perform coring in a shorter interval of time bringing tremendous savings for our clients.Coring Machine

Congratulations to Mrs. Mary Lamie of E.F.K. Moen, she is the winner of our very first TV giveaway. Please subscribe to be informed of future giveaways and important information regarding NST.

Our very first TV winner.

Our very first TV winner.