Laboratory Testing

  • NASHnal Soil Testing offers a wide range of in-house laboratory testing services for soils, rock and construction materials using the guidelines prescribed by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), American Association of State Highway & Transporatation Officials (AASHTO), Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) and Army Corps of Engineers specifications.
  • Soil Classification

Gradation Analysis (Washed & Unwashed)
Combined Analysis (Hydrometer & Sieve)
Specific Gravity Determination
Hydrometer Analysis
Atterberg Limits Determination (LL, PL, PI)
Organic Content
Shrinkage Limit
Density Determination – Proctor Testing
Water Content Determination
pH Determination
Laboratory Vane
Modified Proctor
Cone Penetrometer Tests
Standard Proctor
Modified Proctor

  • Asphalt Testing

Mix Design Verification
Superpave Mix Design Development
Gyratory Compaction
Theoretical & Bulk Specific Gravity
Bituminous Content by Extraction / Ignition Oven

  • Concrete Laboratory Testing

Unit Weight of Concrete
Concrete Core Preparation
Concrete Compression Testing – Cylinders & Cores
Concrete Beam Testing – Three Point Loading
Compressive Strength Testing of Concrete/Mortar Cubes